Experience AI-powered Fruit Sorting with Q Eye Smart

Experience cutting-edge fruit sorting with Q Eye Smart – the revolutionary optical sorter fully powered by Artificial Intelligence (BIOMETiC Ai). Witness firsthand the transformative capabilities of this state-of-the-art technology for high-quality fresh produce.

The Ultimate Fruit Sorting Scanner
Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Step into the future of fruit sorting with Q Eye Smart – the most accurate optical sorter entirely driven by BIOMETiC Ai

The Fastest and Most Accurate Fruit Sorting Machine

Thanks to the BIOMETiC Artificial Intelligence Platform and in-house developed cameras, Q Eye Smart detects fruit defects with maximum resolution. It guarantees high-precise selection and sorting of fresh produce, surpassing the highest quality standards for both producers and consumers.

Advanced AI and Rotation Control for Optimized Fruit Sorting

Harnessing advanced AI and 360° rotation control capabilities, Q Eye Smart guarantees reliable sorting for various fruit types and varieties, avoiding double-counting defects. As a result, the entire line is optimized, and the waste is minimized, maximizing your productivity and profitability.

Make your Fruit Sorting Processes Smart Again

Unlike conventional optical sorters,
Q Eye Smart is highly user-friendly and can be customized according to the producer’s needs. It can be installed on existing sorting lines and directly communicates with the existing grader. Combined with
Q Eye Spectro, it identifies internal fruit quality defects precisely.

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Ensure Precise Selection and Sorting of Fruits and Vegetables with AI-powered Q Eye Smart

Discover the unique benefits of our innovative fruit scanning technology for your fresh produce. Request your free product demo today and experience how we can revolutionize your business firsthand.

Q Eye Smart -- AI Fruit Sorting Machine

Embrace the Future of AI Fruit Sorting

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