MENZ&GASSER relies on BIOMETiC for Glass in Glass Detection

Discover how BIOMETiC provides MENZ&GASSER with the best Glass-In-Glass Detection Performances in Multipacks.


Optimizing your Fruit Quality Control? All a Matter of Artificial Intelligence (AI)​

Discover how to optimize your Fruit Quality Control with Q Eye Smart, BIOMETiC's Smart Optical Sorter powered by AI.


LATTERIA VIPITENO relies on BIOMETiC's Unique 3D X-ray Food Inspection System

Discover how to overcome the Challenge of Glass-in-Glass Detection with Mito, the Complete Solution for Food Safety & Quality.


24/7 Customer Support and After-Sales Services​

We ensure you Maximum Quality, Safety, and Efficiency throughout your System's Lifetime. Whether Remotely or Directly On-site – We are Always at your Side.


Unique 3D X-Ray Food Inspection

Discover how our innovative in-line inspection solutions for the food industry guarantee complete food safety and quality control.

Innovative High-Quality Fruit Sorting

See how our solutions for the fruit industry ensure in-line dynamic quality control and production process optimization.


Because we provide the Best Food Inspection and Fruit Sorting Solutions​

BIOMETiC is the most innovative inspection & optimization provider for the food and fruit industry.

We are a high-tech company with passionate people. We develop food inspection systems, fruit sorting solutions, and software applications for food safety and fruit quality control, always committed to providing our customers with end products of the highest added value.

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Integrate BIOMETiC’s Mito, Q Eye Smart and F-Trace into your Production Line

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q eye

Q Eye Smart

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f trace

F Trace

Top Food Safety and Fruit Quality

Discover BIOMETiC’s Solutions for the Food and Fruit Industry​

Looking for the best food inspection and fruit sorting systems? Discover how we can ensure the safety and quality of your food products and fresh produce before they are delivered to your consumers. 

We can help you optimize your production. To find out how select your food sector now.

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Make your fruit smart with Q Eye Smart, BIOMETiC's innovative optical sorting machine powered by artificial intelligence.
Learn how BIOMETiC Mito allows you to guarantee to your customers foreign body-free baked goods of the highest quality.
Ever wondered how Artificial Intelligence can help you Optimize the Sorting and Quality of your Citrus Fruits? Discover it now!
Make your fruit smart with Q Eye Smart, BIOMETiC's innovative optical sorting machine powered by artificial intelligence.

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Food Safety and Fruit Quality? A Matter of Trust

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