Q Eye Spectro - The Ultimate Internal Quality Scanner for Fruit and Vegetable

Q Eye Spectro enables non-destructive evaluation of the internal quality of fruits and vegetables with the highest accuracy on the market.

Q Eye Spectro, Internal Fruit and Vegetable Quality Scanner

Ensure Top-Quality Fruits and Vegetables

BIOMETiC Q Eye Spectro offers an advanced solution for assessing the internal quality of the fruit and vegetable you process, ensuring your customers the finest produceLeveraging advanced, non-destructive technologies, Q Eye Spectro detects difficult internal quality factors in real time, optimizing sorting, reducing costs, and minimizing waste.

Designed for long-term low maintenance costs and easy integration into existing lanes (retrofit) or new installations, Q Eye Spectro calibrates swiftly, following the seasonal produce evolution. The user-friendly software interface empowers you to set production quality parameters, manage results, and generate insightful statistical reports.

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Optimal Internal Fruit & Vegetable Quality With Q Eye Spectro

The Difference between a Conventional Scanner and Q Eye Spectro

Q Eye Spectro stands out from conventional scanners by employing advanced transmittance and reflection proprietary technologies for real-time assessment of complex internal fruit and vegetable quality factors. Customized sorting through personalized quality classes sets it apart.

Integrated with Q Eye Smart, the only fruit scanner for external quality fully powered by Artificial Intelligence (BIOMETiC Ai), Q Eye Spectro ensures optimal sorting based on internal and external quality, guaranteeing the best produce, maximizing yield, and minimizing production costs and waste.


With BIOMETiC Q Eye Spectro, we have found a reliable solution offering us the best-in-industry detection of product internal quality issues.

Internal quality inspection for THE FRUIT INDUSTRY

Application Examples


Like every company in the fruit and vegetable chain, every fruit and vegetable has specific characteristics. The real added value of BIOMETiC Q Eye Spectro is that it is versatile and customizable.

Thanks to its sophisticated, innovative analysis, the packhouses scan their produce in real-time to ensure their customers fresh produce with top internal quality. Using mathematical algorithms adaptable to the produce to be scanned and the quality characteristics to be detected, Q Eye Spectro verifies and detects internal quality defects in different types and varieties of fruits and vegetables. 

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Fast and accurate SCANNING of your Fruits & Vegetables

Examples of Applications & Results

Listed below some of the specific internal quality defects and characteristics that Q Eye Spectro can detect in fresh produce:


Customer Success Stories

The Best Solution for Fruit and Vegetable of Top Internal Quality

Why our Customers choose Q Eye Spectro

Q Eye Spectro is BIOMETiC’s internal quality scanner specifically designed for the fruit and vegetable industry and its needs – from maximizing yield to providing your customers only with products of top internal quality.

Here’s why our customers have come to rely on Q Eye Spectro:

Guarantees produce with top internal quality

Q Eye Spectro relies on advanced proprietary technologies and an innovative camera scan line that allows multiple high-speed and high-resolution scans for each product. By integrating Q Eye Spectro with Q Eye Smart, you guarantee top internal and external quality results while reducing production costs and waste.

Flexible to produce and producer needs

Q Eye Spectro can be adapted to the type and variety of the product to be analyzed based on specific models developed for each application. Its design allows it to be easily installed and commissioned in existing lines (retrofit), giving new life to existing graders by replacing obsolete technologies.

Results reliability and ease of use

Q Eye Spectro assures precise sorting results and guarantees results repeatability over time with an accurate and straightforward calibration process and customizable sorting tables that follow the seasonal evolution of the produce. The intuitive software interface makes the machine operator’s daily work faster and easier. Moreover, Q Eye Spectro’s mechanical design guarantees low maintenance costs over time.


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Q Eye XP

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