3D X-Ray Food Inspection of Sweets and Confectionery Products

BIOMETiC’s Mito for the Confectionery Industry: Find out how Mito can meet the Food Inspection and Safety Needs for Ice Creams, Sweets, and Bakery Products.

The Inspection Needs of the Sweets and Confectionery Industry

Protect Brand Reputation and Eliminate Waste

BIOMETiC’s solution to keeping up with consumers’ demands for food safety and quality is Mito, the 3D X-ray inspection solution for the food industry.

Over the last years, sweets and confectionery food manufacturers have experienced an important development in demand for high-quality products. Guaranteeing safe products of the highest quality helps not only protect your customers’ trust but also your brand reputation. 

Implementing Mito not only helps meet market demands regarding safety and quality, but it also optimizes the production process. This leads to increased efficiency, reduced waste and maximized output.

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Food Quality Requirements for the Sweets and Confectionery Industry

Quality Characteristics of Sweets and Confectionery Products

Getting a product with an evenly distributed filling or with all the components present is just one of the challenges food manufacturers of the sweets and confectionery sector face every day. It could be a box of chocolates with missing products or an ice cream with poorly distributed variegation. 

Therefore, it is essential to ensure the quality of products, eliminating those that are defective, damaged, or deformed, and verifying the correct dosage of ingredients. This attention translates into improved consumer satisfaction and savings on processing materials and number of products in a package.

Food Safety Requirements for the Sweets and Confectionery Industry

Foreign Bodies in Sweets and Confectionery Products

Sweets are a moment of pleasure in people’s daily life. However, there is a risk of contaminants. Foreign bodies can in fact alter the mixture of ingredients or the materials with which foods of the sweets and confectionery sector are produced. Some of the most common include metal, glass, wood, or stone fragments.

As a result, the sweets and confectionery industry is among the most susceptible to consumer complaints leading to financial losses due to the handling of product recalls, brand image damage, and termination of brand purchases by mass retailers and consumers. 

Biometic Mito




By integrating into your line BIOMETiC’s Mito, the unique 3D X-ray inspection system with artificial intelligence, you will be able to identify foreign bodies and determine the internal and external quality of your sweets and confectionery products.

Compared to a conventional 2D X-ray inspection device, Mito’s 3D X-ray scannning technology results in more accurate and stringent in-line safety and quality checks with fewer errors and waste. Mito’s customizable analyses help so sweets and confectionery manufacturers, e.g., by detecting products with inconsistent chocolate coating, missing ingredients or products, and foreign objects.

How we make Sweets and Confectionery Products safe and of high-quality

Possible Scan Results

Thanks to real-time 3D scanning technology, Mito not only allows you to guarantee your customers safe, foreign body-free sweets and confectionery products, but also of high quality:


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