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3D and X-Ray Quality Inspection of Fruit and Vegetables

Q Eye XP is the Only X-ray Inspection System for the Final In-line Inspection of Fruit and Vegetables. Discover also Biometic’s other Inspection Solutions.

Process Optimization and Inspection Needs of the Fruit and Vegetable Industry

Protect Brand Reputation and Eliminate Waste

The modern consumer’s desire for healthy, fresh produce is driving fruit and vegetable consumption. Driving the growth in demand are young people, who are concerned about their figure and health, and the trend to consume them in the form of smoothies, centrifuges, and shakes. Farmers’ associations have noted that consumers of fruit and vegetables are exceptionally attentive and demanding. Hence the need for producers in this sector to ensure safe products of the highest quality. But the challenges they face are many. 

Just like processed fruit and vegetables, fresh fruit and vegetables run the risk of being contaminated or damaged by the weather. Add to that the complex production, handling, and shipping processes of a supply chain and the many factors that can diminish the quality of the end product. These aspects put the health of the consumer at risk and the quality of the final product. 

To ensure homogeneous, safe, and high-quality fruits and vegetables, there is an increased need for fruit and vegetable producers to have systems for internal and external quality and safety as well as traceability systems in their line.

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Food Quality Requirements for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry

Quality Characteristics of Fruits and Vegetables

Processing produces correctly and ensuring reliable and safe fruit and vegetable quality grading is just one of the many challenges fruit and vegetable producers face every day. Fruit and vegetable quality is determined based on multiple parameters, such as quality defects, color, weight, symmetry, and product integrity. These can be apples with cuts in the petiole area (stalk cavity), oranges with fungus or mold (e.g., brown spots caused by Alternaria), avocados with insect damage (e.g., moth), or onions with signs of rot. 

Only by assessing factors such as the internal and external quality of fresh products such as fruit and vegetables in the best possible way, ensuring traceability and the correct weight of products, can consumers’ expectations be met. In the food industry in general, and especially in the fruit and vegetable sector, these are just some of the many factors essential to meet consumers’ expectations and large-scale retail trade. It doesn’t take much to find yourself forced to deal with a series of complaints from dissatisfied customers and suffer losses in terms of time and economic resources.

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By integrating Biometic’s quality, safety, and process optimization solutions with scanning technology and artificial intelligence into your line, you’ll be able to identify not only foreign objects but also ensure the quality and traceability of your products. 

Compared to conventional inspection devices, Biometic’s solutions perform internal and external quality analysis with non-destructive investigation using innovative technologies such as rotational analysis, and artificial intelligence. They analyze the structures and internal characteristics of the product, ensure the control and automatic management of production and traceability of your food without altering its characteristics. And that’s not the only reason many fruit and vegetable producers choose Biometic’s in-line and stand-alone solutions.

Biometic’s X-ray scanning technologies result in more accurate and stringent in-line quality and safety controls with fewer errors and waste than traditional scanning systems. For example:

  • The optical sorter Q Eye Smart analyzes external defects and characteristics. It can detect quality defects such as cuts, rot, and apple scab as well as assess external quality such as shape, color, weight, and diameter with rotation analysis technology. 
  • Q Eye XP, the only X-ray solution for final food safety and internal quality inspection of fruit and vegetable boxes, helps producers and retailers by detecting, for example, apples with quality defects due to the brown marmorated stink bug. 
  •  F-Trace is Biometic’s customizable traceability software. It ensures the full traceability of your products by monitoring and optimizing the production. F-Trace can also be combined with the in-line labeling system Optilabel and the dynamic checkweigher Weight Master for a complete fruit traceability solutio

How we make Fruits and Vegetables safe and of high-quality

Integrable Solutions and Possible Scan Results

With Biometic’s inspection systems and automated optimization and management solutions, you can guarantee not only your customers fruits and vegetables of high quality, but also safe and foreign body-free products:

Each Biometic solution is customizable and easily integrated with non-Biometic solutions.

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