3D X-ray Food Inspection for the Fish and Meat Industry

Discover how Biometic’s three-dimensional X-ray Technology helps the Fish and Meat Industry to optimize the Cuts by determining the Lean to Fat Ratio and detecting Bones.

The Inspection Needs of the Fish and Meat Industry

Protect Brand Reputation and Eliminate Waste

BIOMETiC’s solution to keeping up with consumers’ demands for food safety and quality is Mito, the 3D X-ray inspection solution for the food industry.

With diminishing resources and increasing market demand, there is an increased need for meat and seafood producers to have in-line inspection systems. This is how you can guarantee safe, top-quality products with long shelf-life. Providing safe and high-quality products protects both consumers’ trust as well as your brand reputation.

Implementing Mito not only helps meet market demands regarding safety and quality, but it also optimizes the production process. This leads to increased efficiency, reduced waste and maximized output.

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Food Quality Requirements for the Fish and Meat Industry

Quality Characteristics of Meat and Fish Products

Determining the best cuts based on the right proportion of fat to lean in meat or flesh to bones in fish and identifying air pockets are just some of the challenges meat and fish producers face every day. It may be a ham with holes or poorly distributed fat, a sea bass with an uneven proportion of flesh to bones. 

Making the best assessment of factors such as product quality and the best cut that can be achieved results in optimizing the selling price and offering the highest quality product to consumers. And, in industries where consumer expectations are very high, meeting their expectations is very important. It takes very little to find yourself forced to deal with several complaints from dissatisfied customers.

Food Safety Requirements for the Fish and Meat Industry

Foreign Bodies in Meat and Fish Products

Whether it is a ham, a form of bacon, canned mackerel, or packaged salmon, various types of foreign bodies can contaminate meat and fish products. Causes of choking and complaints can be bones, but also fragments of plastic or metal.

Meat and fish are significantly expensive products with the need for quality controls to ensure their excellence. Therefore, it is even more important to ensure their safety by guaranteeing the absence of contaminants that lead to health risks, product recalls, image damage, and the cessation of purchases of branded products by mass retailers and consumers.

Biometic Mito




By integrating Mito, Biometic’s X-ray inspection system with three-dimensional scanning technology and artificial intelligence, into your line, you will be able to identify foreign bodies and determine the quality of your products. 

Compared to a conventional X-ray inspection device, Mito performs internal and external food analysis with the non-destructive investigation. It analyzes the internal structures and components of the product without altering its characteristics. And that’s not the only reason why many food manufacturers choose Mito. Biometic’s three-dimensional X-ray scanning technology provides more accurate and stringent in-line safety and quality checks with fewer errors and waste than traditional X-ray inspection systems. 

For example, Mito helps meat and seafood producers by detecting: slices of salmon packed with bones or contaminated with foreign objects such as plastic pieces or metal fragments, improperly packaged boneless hams, and forms of bacon with an unbalanced ratio of fat to lean parts.

How we make Meat and Fish Products safe and of high-quality

Possible Scan Results

Thanks to real-time 3D scanning technology, Mito not only allows you to guarantee to your customers safe meat and fish products free of foreign bodies but also of high quality:

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