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Our Mission? To make the Invisible Visible. Learn more about us.

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We are constantly immersed in a reality made of people, work, food. And food is an essential part of our lives, health, and well-being.

For over 40 years, we have been creating innovative tools and solutions based on advanced technologies, such as tomography and X-rays, to ensure food safety, food quality, and optimization of production processes. We continuously improve our solutions in the food sector with products that offer our customers benefits in safety, management, and services. In other words, in the quality of the products that reach consumers’ tables.

Biometic’s real added value is the realization of customized solutions for production lines and the often very different needs of customers operating in the food industry. This is thanks to our constant and intense efforts and the use of Artificial Intelligence combined with tailor-made solutions for our customers’ needs.

About us

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Customer Orientation

Our mission is to help those who produce and distribute food for people every day. Producers, retailers, and consumers evaluate the quality of food. At Biometic, we make your products safer and, importantly, more cost-effective. 


Food is a precious resource, and that is why we limit and, where possible, eliminate waste within the production chain with our solutions.


Put us to the test and let’s find the right customized solution for your company to best meet your inspection needs.

Only the best technologies for our customers

Passion and Innovation

We strongly believe in innovation to find new solutions and turn them into reality. And we also strongly believe that impossible is not an option.


That’s why everything we do is driven by the passion for introducing the best technologies in our industry. This, to:

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Sustainability and Dedication

Our Commitment

At Biometic, we consider food a precious resource, which is why we constantly strive to offer the best in quality, innovation, and service. Our food inspection solutions help fruit and vegetable cooperatives, as well as food companies, limit and eliminate waste within the production chain.


That’s why Biometic’s strength lies in our cutting-edge, customized technology choices and 24/7 customer support: we are always close to our customers, ensuring better quality control and food safety.

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Autumn brings a new website and a lot of events.
Autumn brings a new website and a lot of events.

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To ensure the high quality of your products and our services, we provide you with our company know-how and our free consulting services to choose together the best Biometic solution for your food inspection needs.

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