3D X-Ray Food Inspection of Snacks

Mito is an In-line 3D X-ray Inspection System that ensures Safe, High-Quality Food Products. Learn more about our Inspection System for Snacks.

The Inspection Needs of the Snacks Industry

Protect Brand Reputation and Eliminate Waste

BIOMETiC’s solution to keeping up with consumers’ demands for food safety and quality is Mito, the 3D X-ray inspection solution for the food industry.

The variety of products in the snack industry is wide and the competition fierce. Hence the need for producers to guarantee safe and high-quality products in order to protect consumers’ trust and brand reputation

Implementing Mito not only helps meet market demands regarding safety and quality, but it also optimizes the production process. This leads to increased efficiency, reduced waste and maximized output.

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Food Quality Requirements for the Snacks Industry

Quality Characteristics of Snacks

Ensuring properly sealed packages and products, the presence of vacuum, and proper fill level are just a few of the challenges in the snacks manufacturer industry. It could be a bag of chips with a lack of vacuum that detracts from the crispness of the final product, snacks broken in half due to improper packaging, or cookies where the chocolate cream filling is missing.

The need to meet consumers’ taste and food quality expectations is very strong in the snacks industry. It doesn’t take much to get overwhelmed by customer complaints, lose brand-loyal consumers, and suffer losses due to ineffective production management.

Food Safety Requirements for the Snacks Industry

Foreign Bodies in Snacks

Snack companies must turn to a variety of suppliers to produce tasty and safe snacks. Whether it’s dried fruit to make nutritious organic bars or chocolate-based preparations to create soft, mouthwatering snacks – the various ingredients can be contaminated with different types of foreign bodies, such as stones, metal fragments, or nutshells

Snacks are products consumed by adults and children, often expensive and needing increased safety controls to ensure risk-free consumption. Therefore, it is even more important to ensure the absence of contaminants to avoid product recalls, a negative impact on brand image, damage to customer purchases, and, above all, risks to consumer health.

Biometic Mito




By integrating Mito, Biometic’s X-ray inspection system with three-dimensional scanning technology and artificial intelligence, into your line, you will be able to identify foreign bodies and determine the quality of your products. 

Compared to a conventional X-ray inspection device, Mito performs internal and external food analysis with the non-destructive investigation. It analyzes the internal structures and components of the product without altering its characteristics. And that’s not the only reason why many food manufacturers choose Mito. Biometic’s three-dimensional X-ray scanning technology provides more accurate and stringent in-line safety and quality checks with fewer errors and waste than traditional X-ray inspection systems. 

For example, Mito helps manufacturers in the snacks industry by detecting overweight bags of cookies, improperly shaped snacks, and cereal bars contaminated with foreign objects such as metal fragments or nutshells.

How we make Snacks safe and of high-quality

Possible Scan Results

Thanks to real-time three-dimensional scanning technology, Mito allows you not only to guarantee your customers safe, foreign body-free snacks but also to maintain their high quality:

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