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To ensure safety, quality, and efficiency, we at BIOMETiC offer you our business know-how and consulting services to help you choose the best solution for your food inspection needs. We place importance on customizing each solution to be in line with your needs as a food company that wants to offer maximum added value. And this is why our team is dedicated to installing and fine-tuning new installations while providing expert advice and training to your operators. We demand the best from our team and offer ongoing and in-field training.

Whether foreign bodies, quality defects, or process optimization: Our 3D and X-ray inspection systems cover not only all major food industries, from fruits and vegetables to sweets and confectionery, but are also suitable for other, very specific applications such as industrial ones.

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Biometic | Customized Food Inspection Solution

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Choosing the Right Inspection Solution for your Company

From the first approach through installation to 24/7 technical support in the appropriate language. What distinguishes us is that we support our customers in choosing the right inspection solution for their company. Whether it’s foreign bodies or quality defects, we ensure that your BIOMETiC  inspection system always meets your needs as a manufacturer or producer, even after the sale.

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Your Customized Food Inspection Solution

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