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3D X-ray Food Inspection of Bread and Bakery Products

Learn how Mito, the only In-line 3D X-ray Food Inspection System for Bread and Baked Products, meets the High-quality Standards of the Bakery Industry.

The inspection needs of the baking industry

Protecting the Brand Reputation and eliminating Waste

In recent years, there has been significant growth in the consumption of baked goods. Many factors have influenced the increase in consumption, such as affordable prices, vast product choices, and convenience of consumption – all of which are in line with modern consumer lifestyles. 

In response to these new market demands, many bakery manufacturers have adapted their products and/or launched healthier alternatives to continue offering attractive-looking and great-tasting foods, promoting their brands, and building consumer loyalty. In addition to choosing products they already know, the European Food Information Council (EUFIC) points out that consumers also make their choices based on food safety and quality

So, to reduce possible foreign object claims, limit waste through dynamic production control, and have satisfied customers, bakery manufacturers rely on Mito, Biometic’s effective solution for 3D in-line X-ray inspection of baked products.


Quality characteristics of bakery products

Food Quality Requirements for the Bakery Industry

Obtaining a product with the correct ratio of dough to air, a balanced distribution of ingredients, and correct packaging is just one of the challenges that food manufacturers face every day. It may be a pandoro with missing or poorly distributed variegation or gluten-free bread with an unbalanced honeycomb structure due to improper processing.

The need to meet consumers’ expectations for food quality is high. It doesn’t take long to find yourself having to deal with a wave of unsatisfied customer complaints, losing consumers who were loyal to your brand until recently, and suffering losses due to ineffective production management.

Food safety requirements for the bakery industry

Foreign Bodies in Bakery Products

There are several ways a foreign body can end up in a baked good. Some of the most common include metal, plastic, glass, stone, nut, or wood fragments. In fact, in food production, the use of raw materials, maintenance procedures, process failures, and human error are often the cause of introducing physical contaminants into products. It is, therefore, not uncommon for raw materials to contain stones or metal fragments to come off ovens and pans. These fragments can cause damage to machinery, end up in dough, or be introduced into product packaging.

As a result, the bakery industry is among the most susceptible to consumer complaints leading to financial losses due to product recalls, brand image damage, and cessation of purchase of brand products by mass retailers and consumers.

Biometic Mito




By integrating into your production line Mito, the first and only X-ray inspection system with 3D scanning technology and artificial intelligence, you will be able to identify foreign bodies and determine the quality of your products.

Compared to a conventional X-ray inspection device, Mito performs internal and external food inspections through non-destructive analysis. It sees the internal structures and components of the product without altering its characteristics. And that’s not the only reason many food manufacturers chose Mito. Biometic’s three-dimensional X-ray scanning technology provides more accurate and stringent in-line safety and quality checks with fewer errors and waste than traditional X-ray inspection systems

For example, Mito helps manufacturers in the baking industry by detecting products with a damaged surface, uneven honeycombing, and foreign bodies such as metal fragments.

Guaranteeing Safe and High-Quality Baked Goods

Possible Scan Results

Thanks to real-time 3D scanning technology, Mito allows you to not only guarantee your customers safe, foreign body-free baked goods but also high-quality food products:

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