3D X-Ray Inspection Solutions for Food Safety and Brand Protection

Biometic’s 3D X-ray Inspection Solutions help you ensure Safe Products to Consumers. Protect your Brand Reputation with our Food Safety Solutions.

Food Safety and Consumer Protection

Ensure Food Safety with 3D X-ray Food Inspection

The Codex Alimentarius Commission defines food safety as the assurance that food will not cause harm to the consumer when it is prepared and/or is eaten according to its intended use. In response to consumers’ growing need for safety and health protection, there are numerous inspection systems on the market that analyze food products for certain foreign bodies or quality defects.

Compared to conventional X-ray inspection solutions, with Biometic’s three-dimensional X-ray inspection and optimization systems you can be sure to detect both defective products and multiple types of hazardous physical contaminants, even glass in glass jars.

Monitor now dynamically your production in real-time to ensure food safety and suitability. In this way, contaminated products are ejected from the production line before they reach the consumer’s table.

Biometic's Food Safety Solutions

Detect and prevent foreign bodies and contaminants in food

Biometic Products for Food Safety

Biometic Mito
Mito in your production line




Mito is the first and only in-line 3D X-ray food inspection system for the food industry. As a complete solution for food safety and quality, it guarantees food and consumer safety, protection of brand reputation, and quality and process optimization.

Compared to conventional metal detectors and X-ray inspection systems with 2D technology, Mito applies non-destructive 3D in-line scanning technology, resulting in more accurate safety and quality checks with fewer errors and waste. 

Its rotating X-ray source completes up to 2 revolutions per second around the object acquiring external and internal images of the object that are processed in real-time, allowing for complete product evaluation. Thanks to its high-resolution 0.5 mm scanning images, image processing algorithms, and artificial intelligence, Mito detects the smallest foreign bodies inside food, verifies products’ quality characteristics, and optimizes the entire production flow.

Software for complete Food Traceability and Re-traceability



F-Trace is a complete solution that can be integrated into all production lines. It optimizes your processes, providing real-time data of the different processing phases, from supply and processing times to the shipment of your products.

By interacting with other machines in your production line, F-Trace allows you to manage your production processes in real-time.  A single flexible and customizable tool that allows you to control and manage your production at 360 degrees.

Biometic F Trace
F-Trace in your production line
F Trace
Biometic Q Eye XP
Q Eye XP in your production line
Beige Q Eye XP

X-ray inspection system for final safety and quality checks

Q Eye XP


Q Eye XP is the only X-ray inspection system designed for packaging lines and large-scale retail trade for the final safety and internal quality control of your boxed fruit and vegetables. 

Working with artificial intelligence, Q Eye XP analyzes and detects any internal defects in your products, such as rot, corkiness, or foreign bodies. In addition to determining the internal quality and checking the safety of your products, Q Eye XP weighs your fruit and vegetable boxes to ensure their perfect weight.

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