3D X-ray Food Inspection of Cannery Products

BIOMETiC’s Mito for the Cannery Industry: From Glass-in-Glass Detection to Filling Level Control. Discover how Mito performs In-line 3D X-ray Scans of Canned Products.

The Inspection Needs of the Cannery Industry

Protect Brand Reputation and eliminate Waste

The producer of canned food is also responsible for the packaging, not only for the production process and the quality of raw materials. Jars of tuna with glass fragments on the bottom are for example problems that can occur in the cannery industry, which can put consumers at risk. Therefore, it is crucial to offer safe products of highest quality. This not only protects your consumers’ trust but also your brand reputation.

Mito, BIOMETiC’s effective and unique solution for in-line 3D X-ray inspection of cannery products helps solve these problems. Additionally, it also optimizes your production processes, leading to increased efficiency, reduced waste and maximized output.

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Food Quality Requirements for the Cannery Industry

Quality Characteristics of Canned Food

Getting a well-preserved product with the right filling level and proper sealing is just one of the challenges that canning producers face every day. It could be a jar of ready-made sauce or jam that has lost its vacuum.

Offering a product of the highest food safety and quality to consumers, especially to children in the case of baby food, is very important. It only takes a few incorrectly processed products to be forced to deal with product recalls and the loss of loyal consumers.

Food Safety Requirements for the Cannery Industry

Foreign Bodies in Canned Food

One of the risks most feared by canned food producers is that their products are contaminated by foreign bodies such as glass-in-glass. Possible contamination causes are poor quality raw materials, insufficient processing of natural products, damaged production machinery, incorrect product control procedures, and human error in general.

All this leads to financial losses for the recall of the contaminated product already distributed, damage to the brand image, and difficulties in marketing the brand products with large-scale retail trade and consumers.

Biometic Mito




By integrating into your production line BIOMETiCs Mito, the unique X-ray inspection system with three-dimensional scanning technology and artificial intelligence, you can both identify foreign bodies and determine the internal and external quality of your food products

Compared to a conventional 2D X-ray inspection device, Mito‘s 3D X-ray scanning technology provides you with more stringent in-line food safety and quality checks with fewer errors and waste. Mito’s customizable analyses help so manufacturers in the canning industry, e.g., by detecting glass-in-glass contaminants and defective sealings of products.

How we make Canned Foods safe and of high-quality

Possible Scan Results

Thanks to its real-time 3D X-ray scanning technology, Mito not only allows you to guarantee your customers safe, foreign body-free food preserves of various formats but also of high quality:

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