Cutting-edge Fruit Industry Solutions: Sorting and Traceability Technology for Fruit and Vegetables

Dynamic Quality Control and Process Optimization Solutions for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry.

Sorting and Traceability Solutions for External and Internal Quality

Optimize your Fruit and Vegetable Production with BIOMETiC Solutions

To adapt to market demands for high-quality fruits and vegetables, the fruit industry needs to adopt innovative technologies that help it meet the increasing expectations of consumers.
As technology leaders in quality and optimization solutions, we at BIOMETiC have been optimizing production processes for over 40 years to increase the added value of the final product, ensure your satisfaction as a producer, and guarantee end consumers fresh produce of higher quality.

We have developed innovative quality control systems that meet the specific needs of the fruit and vegetable industry. One of them is Q Eye Smart, the only optical sorter fully based on artificial intelligence (BIOMETiC Ai), which guarantees you a continuously optimized high-quality sorting process.

Find out how Q Eye Smart can help you meet the challenges of your company – whether it’s eliminating waste or optimizing your production.

Sorting and Traceability Solutions for Fruits and Vegetables

Quality and Optimization at 360 degrees

Food Quality

Q Eye Smart and Q Eye XP analyze internal and external quality characteristics of fruits and vegetables

See how we can help you limit waste and optimize your production with our 3D and X-ray inspection systems.

Production Process Optimization

Tally, F Trace, Weight Master, and Optilabel manage your production automatically

Discover our traceability, weighing, and labeling solutions. Get total control of your production processes now.

Food Safety and Brand Protection

Q Eye XP and F Trace ensure the conformity of your products

See how our in-line solutions help you safeguard your brand reputation, make your products safer, and protect your consumers.


BIOMETiC Products integrable into your Production Line

q eye

Q Eye Smart

f trace
f trace

F Trace

q eye xp
q eye xp

Q Eye XP

q eye

Q Eye Smart

Our Solutions for the Fruit Industry and Other Food Sectors

Applications of BIOMETiC Solutions in the Food Industry

Ensure the safety and quality of food products before they are delivered to consumers.

Choose your food sector now and find out how we can optimize your production together:

  • Fruits and Vegetables

    Q Eye XP is the only X-ray inspection system for the final in-line inspection of fruits and vegetables. Discover also BIOMETiC's other inspection solutions.
  • Other

    Haven't you found your food industry? Contact us now without obligation to find out if we already have the application ready for you.
  • Cannery

    From jars with glass fragments on the bottom to filling detection, discover how Mito performs in-line 3D X-ray scans of cannery products.
  • Bakery

    Learn how Mito, the only in-line 3D X-ray food inspection system for bread and baked products, meets the high-quality standards of the Bakery Industry.
  • Confectionery

    BIOMETiC's Mito for the Confectionery Industry: Find out how Mito can meet the food inspection and safety needs for ice creams, sweets, and bakery products.
  • Meat and Fish

    Discover how BIOMETiC's three-dimensional X-ray technology helps the Fish and Meat industry to optimize the cuts by determining the lean to fat ratio and detecting bones.
  • Frozen Food and Ready Meals

    BIOMETiC's Mito is a unique system that performs not only food safety control but also quality control of frozen products and ready meals.
  • Cheese and Dairy

    Discover how BIOMETiC's 3D X-ray scanning technology performs food inspections and detects foreign objects in cheese and dairy products.
  • Snacks

    Mito is an in-line inspection system that ensures safe, high-quality food products. Learn more about our inspection system for snacks.
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