Process Optimization Solutions: Technology to optimize your Food and Fruit Production Processes

Discover Biometic’s Process Optimization Solutions for Food and Fruit. We can help you manage your Production Process Automatically and ensure Maximum Food Traceability.

Food, Fruit, and Vegetable Traceability

Process Optimization Solutions to help you ensure Maximum Food Traceability

Consumers want accurate information about products to make an informed and transparent choice when it comes to food. As a food manufacturer or producer, you want to be sure that you can reconstruct the entire process of the food and ensure healthy and safe products for your consumers. 

This is why another important aspect of ensuring maximum safety and quality of food is optimizing the production process: So that in case of unsafe food batches, you can promptly withdraw from the market those at risk.

By integrating Biometic’s smart optimization solutions into your line, you can now protect both your consumer’s health and your brand’s reputation. All this while optimizing your production processes and ensuring maximum food traceability.

Discover now how we help you automatically manage your food’s labeling, weighing, and traceability processes. 

Biometic | Production Process Optimization Solutions
Solutions for Production Process Optimization

Sorting, Weighing, Labeling, and Traceability

Biometic Tally Fruit and Vegetable Sorter
Beige Tally
Control and Optimization of Fruit and Vegetable Sorting



Tally is a single solution that allows you to control and manage your orders as well as automate the selection and grading line. It continuously collects and evaluates each fruit’s information (weight, size, volume, shape, and color) acquired from the optical sorter Q Eye. In this way, Tally controls the processes and manages multiple sorting lines, output, and packing benches.

Tally works on any sorting machine and manages production in real-time according to your company’s needs. Besides, you have mobile access to the software for production control at your fingertips with the T Pad tablet device.

Software for complete Food Traceability and Re-traceability



F-Trace is a complete solution that can be integrated into all production lines. It optimizes your processes, providing real-time data of the different processing phases, from supply and processing times to the shipment of your products.

By interacting with other machines in your production line, F-Trace allows you to manage your production processes in real-time.  A single flexible and customizable tool that allows you to control and manage your production at 360 degrees.

Biometic F Trace
F-Trace in your production line
F Trace
Biometic Weight Master - Dynamic Checkweigher for Food and Fruit
Weight Master in your production line
Beige Weight Master
Dynamic Checkweigher for Food and Fruit Applications

Weight Master


Weight Master is a checkweigher that quickly, accurately, and economically controls the weight of your food packages and fruit and vegetable boxes. Its accuracy allows you to reduce surpluses and shortages per package significantly.

With Weight Master, you can achieve the highest levels of accuracy and productivity. A checkweigher, which can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines, even as a stand-alone product.

In-line Labeling System for Fruit and Vegetables



Optilabel is an automatic labeling system that stands out for its robustness, precision, and flexibility in applying labels with all the information needed to trace the boxes. It can be integrated into all existing packaging lines, guaranteeing automatic labeling according to your specific needs and the product.

Like other Biometic solutions, Optilabel can too be integrated into your production line along with Weight Master and F-Trace to ensure complete food traceability.

Optilabel - In-line Labeling System for Fruit and Vegetables
OPTILABEL in your production line

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