3D X-Ray Food Inspection of Cheese and Dairy Products

Discover how Biometic’s 3D X-ray Scanning Technology performs Food Inspections and detects Foreign Objects in Cheese and Dairy Products.

The Inspection Needs of the Cheese and Dairy Industry

Protect Brand Reputation and Eliminate Waste

Milk-based products have higher transportation and storage costs, a shorter shelf-life, and a greater need for control of materials. For this reason, it is important to guarantee the safety and quality of the product, which must be free of contamination and have excellent qualitative characteristics. This helps not only protect consumers’ trust but also brand reputation.

With Mito‘s 3D X-ray inspection system in your line, you are sure to, for example, have yogurt jars without glass fragments on the bottom. Furthermore, you can conduct for instance internal analysis to analyze the internal holes and detect hard plastic foreign bodies in cheeses. 

Additionally, Mito optimizes your production processes, leading to increased efficiency, reduced waste and maximized output.

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Food Quality Requirements for the Cheese and Dairy Industry

Quality Characteristics of Cheese and Dairy Products

Among the challenges that dairy food producers face every day are offering a product with the correct filling level and weight, with controlled sealing, with verification that the eyeing is homogeneous: all this guarantees products that meet the quality standards set by the producer and by law.

Having the right quantities in the production process leads, first of all, to consumer satisfaction. However, it is essential to underline that even minimal savings on processing materials and/or on the quantity of product in a package means limiting, if not eliminating, waste within the production chain. These translate into economic benefits for the company.

Food Safety Requirements for the Cheese and Dairy Industry

Foreign Bodies in Cheese and Dairy Products

Among the most frequent causes of recalls in the cheese and dairy sector are reports of foreign objects that consumers find in cheese and dairy products. Unlike other industries, it is not so much metal contaminants that cause recalls in the dairy sector, but, for example, glass shards from chipped yogurt cups, hard plastic fragments, and plant gaskets

Given that milk-based foods are an essential part of our diet, especially that of children, it is even more important to ensure their safety. This, by guaranteeing the absence of contaminants that lead to financial losses due to the management of product recalls, damage to the brand’s image, and the cessation of purchases of the brand’s products by mass retailers and consumers. 

Biometic Mito




By integrating Mito, Biometic’s X-ray inspection system with three-dimensional scanning technology and artificial intelligence, into your line, you will be able to identify foreign bodies and determine the quality of your products. 

Compared to a conventional X-ray inspection device, Mito performs internal and external food analysis with the non-destructive investigation. It analyzes the internal structures and components of the product without altering its characteristics. And that’s not the only reason why many food manufacturers choose Mito. Biometic’s three-dimensional X-ray scanning technology provides more accurate and stringent in-line safety and quality checks with fewer errors and waste than traditional X-ray inspection systems. 

For example, Mito helps manufacturers in the cheese and dairy industry by detecting yogurt jars with glass shards on the bottom, products with improper seals, and cheeses with irregular holes.

How we make Cheese and Dairy Products safe and of high-quality

Possible Scan Results

Thanks to real-time 3D scanning technology, Mito not only allows you to guarantee your customers safe, foreign body-free dairy products, but also high quality:


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