Food Safety Redefined: BIOMETiC Mito wins the Cibus Tec Innovation Award

BIOMETiC Mito wins Cibus Tec Innovation Award

Elevating Food Safety with Mito’s Unique 3D Food Inspection Technology

BIOMETiC Mito—the only computed tomograph designed for the food industry—proudly secures the prestigious Cibus Tec Innovation Award.

Recognized at Cibus Tec, one of the most innovative food and beverage technology exhibitions, this award acknowledges BIOMETiC’s dedication to providing innovative solutions for complete food safety, prioritizing consumer health, and safeguarding brand reputation.

Mito captures 360° X-ray images through a dynamic system revolving around products on the production line. Known as inline Computed Tomography, this unique food inspection technology reconstructs and analyzes scanned products in real-time in 3D, distinguishing itself from conventional 2D X-ray food scanners.

Mito’s innovative CT technology provides exceptional accuracy in identifying foreign bodies in food. For instance, the Mito C model precisely detects glass shards on the bottom of glass containers, a challenge for visual detection and conventional 2D X-ray systems.

  • Trusted by Industry Leaders
    BIOMETiC Mito has earned the trust of major food producers, establishing itself as a leading force in advancing food safety through innovative technology. Its success is demonstrated by successful implementations at renowned establishments, such as LATTERIA VIPITENO and MENZ&GASSER.

  • Economic Savings and Enhanced Brand Reputation
    By significantly reducing false rejects, Mito minimizes economic burdens and safeguards brand reputation. This results in increased production line efficiency, reinforcing the commitment to food safety.

  • Tailored for Food Industry Challenges
    Specifically designed for the food industry, Mito excels in identifying complex contaminants like glass in glass. Overcoming challenges such as the convexity problem of jar bottoms, it provides a comprehensive solution.

  • Unique 3D Product Reconstruction
    BIOMETiC Mito uses groundbreaking 3D reconstruction technology (CT), setting new precision standards in foreign body detection. This groundbreaking approach ensures thorough and accurate inspection of products.

  • Unrivaled Accuracy with 3D Computed Tomography (CT)
    In contrast to X-ray scanners, Mito’s 3D CT technology offers unparalleled accuracy, serving as a versatile inspection method even for multipacks. Addressing the industry’s need for enhanced food safety, it provides a precise and efficient approach.

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