Quality Control Solutions for the Industry 4.0


Customized Quality Control Systems with Artificial Intelligence

To develop innovative quality control solutions for the fruit and vegetable industry using artificial intelligence, BIOMETiC emerges in 2012 as the food spin-off of MiCROTEC, the world’s leading provider of measurement systems and the development of automated processes for the wood industry. In fact, the quality solutions technology that MiCROTEC uses for scanning wood has been adapted to scan fruits and vegetables. BIOMETiC thus benefits from MiCROTEC’s over 40 years of expertise in the field of innovative in-line biometric scanners and high-speed process optimization.

Today, BIOMETiC offers innovative solutions for the automation and optimization of production processes in the fruit and vegetable industry. This to:

  • increase the added value of the end product,
  • ensure the success and satisfaction of its customers, and
  • guarantee a high-quality product to the final consumers.

BIOMETiC solutions and systems can be adapted to a wide range of quality and sorting needs to ensure consistent quality of distributed products and efficiency of production lines: From apples and oranges to exotic fruits such as avocados and pomegranates.

One of these quality control systems is Q Eye Smart, the award-winning optical sorter for external quality analysis of fruits and vegetables. By integrating it directly into the sorting lines, Q Eye Smart analyzes fruits and vegetables in real-time with extremely high accuracy.

Q Eye Smart guarantees producers optimized sorting through its

  • three-dimensional in-line reconstruction,
  • active rotation control, and
  • high-precision scanning of surface characteristics such as color, size, and volume of the products.

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