Making Fruit Sorting Smart – BIOMETiC Q Eye Smart at MIRIAM SHOHAM

Elevating Fruit Quality through Innovative Fruit Scanning Solutions

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Q Eye Smart, powered by BIOMETiC Ai, is the ultimate fruit scanning technology that guarantees us reliable, precise, and continuously optimized sorting.

Owner & Development Manager

MIRIAM SHOHAM processes an impressive daily average of 118 tons of assorted fruits, including mangoes, citrus fruits, avocados, and pomegranates. Supplying global markets and customers, the Israeli producer is renowned worldwide for its high standards in quality and innovation.

Under the guidance of Mr. Menachem Shoham (Owner & Development Manager) and Mr. Eylon Oren (QA/QC Manager), their partnership with BIOMETiC has significantly enhanced produce quality and sorting efficiency.

The retrofitting of 4 existing sorting lines with BIOMETiC Q Eye Smart —the only optical sorter fully powered by Artificial Intelligence through the BIOMETiC Ai platform —has revolutionized their fruit sorting processes.

These collaborative innovations have notably elevated produce quality, showcasing a seamless synergy between MIRIAM SHOHAM’s team and BIOMETiC, driven by a shared commitment to ongoing enhancements. MIRIAM SHOHAM found in BIOMETiC the perfect technological partner for continuous developments in fruit scanning solutions.

BIOMETiC’s competitive advantage lies not only in its extensive expertise in scanning technology but also in its proficiency in providing customized technological solutions. This ability empowers customers to assert their market leadership confidently.

What Advantages does Q Eye Smart offer over Conventional Fruit Sorting Solutions?

Managing diverse global markets, fruit types & varieties, and seasonal variations, posed hurdles for MIRIAM SHOHAM’s fruit sorting operations. Other systems on the market struggled to detect difficult fruit quality defects and characteristics crucial for MIRIAM SHOHAM’s superior produce quality.

The game-changer? The integration of Q Eye Smart powered by BIOMETiC Ai:

  • Precision in Fruit Defect Detection
    The BIOMETiC Ai platform excels beyond traditional algorithms, identifying hard-to-detect defects across various types and varieties of fruits, ensuring impeccable quality and consistently meeting customers’ expectations.
  • Reliability and Customization
    With the support from BIOMETiC’s 24/7 Customer Support and Engineering Departments, the BIOMETiC Ai platform embedded in Q Eye Smart continuously tailors itself to MIRIAM SHOHAM’s production needs, ensuring precision and reliability in fruit sorting results. The personalized sorting results based on size, color, and quality characteristics created a spectrum of multiple quality classes.
  • Operational Efficiency
    Across 4 Q Eye Smart installations, streamlined operations, reduced personnel, increased sorting accuracy, and accelerated rates were achieved. Easy retrofitting and continuous expansion through deep learning AI ensures constant operational excellence.

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