Q Eye - Optical Sorter with AI for Fruit and Vegetables

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Q Eye, the fastest and most accurate Optical Sorter

Ensure precisely selected and sorted Fruits and Vegetables

The companies and packinghouses involved in the complex production process of fresh fruit and vegetables, must guarantee to retailers and consumers fresh produce of high quality. Consequently, producers in the fruit and vegetable sector need an efficient and precise optical sorter for external quality control in the sorting process of fruits and vegetables.

At BIOMETiC, we have always invested in research and development to find the best solutions for the needs of the fruit and vegetable industries. This is why we have developed Q Eye, the unique intelligent optical sorter with artificial intelligence that guarantees impeccable sorting of fruits and vegetables. Q Eye’s unique 3D technology allows reconstructing high-resolution 3D models of your fruits or vegetables. In this way, BIOMETiC’s optical sorter classifies them precisely by their external quality, shape, color, volume, and weight criteria.

Q Eye - Optical Sorter with AI
Q Eye - Optical Sorter with AI

Fruit and Vegetable Sorting with AI and 3D technology

The Difference between a Conventional Optical Sorter and Q Eye

Q Eye is BIOMETiC’s smart optical sorter that ensures the optimized sorting of fruits and vegetables. Through its unique 3D reconstruction technology and ultra-high-precision rotation analysis, Q Eye excludes multiple counting of surface defects, avoiding rejecting quality produce and minimizing in-line waste.

Compared to a conventional sorter, Q Eye works with artificial intelligence which allows continuous improvement of defect detection. Its ultra-high-speed image processing with a resolution of up to 0.1 mm/pixel detects even the smallest and most difficult external quality defects, such as cuts in the calyx area of apples. Through its high sorting speed, Q Eye guarantees you first-class produce, grader independence, and easy retrofit installation on existing lines of packing houses

As a result, with BIOMETiC’s optical sorter you are able to maximize yield, reduce waste, and avoid financial losses.

3D Optical Sorter for Accurate Fruit and Vegetable Sorting

Application Examples


Like every company in the fruit and vegetable chain, every fruit and vegetable has specific characteristics. The real added value of Q Eye, BIOMETiC’s intelligent optical sorter, is that it is versatile and customizable.

Thanks to its sophisticated rotation analysis with 3D reconstruction, the packhouses scan their produce at very high speed and definition. Using mathematical algorithms adaptable to the fruit to be scanned and the quality characteristics to be detected, Q Eye verifies and detects external quality defects of different types and varieties of fruit or vegetable.

header q eye smart 3d optical sorter production
q eye smart 3d optical sorter scan result calyx cut AI 02

Fast and accurate Sorting of your Fruits and Vegetables

Possible Scan Results

BIOMETiC’s experience and know-how now dates back over 40 years. Our technical know-how, combined with artificial intelligence since 1999, has enabled us to implement BIOMETiC’s artificial intelligence platform into the Q Eye sorter to solve numerous problems with the external quality of fruits and vegetables.

Listed below just some of the specific external quality defects and characteristics of fresh produce that Q Eye can detect:

The best Solution for in-line Fruit and Vegetable Sorting

Why our Customers choose Q Eye

Born from BIOMETiC’s more than 40 years of experience in in-line inspection systems, Q Eye is BIOMETiC’s intelligent optical sorter specifically designed for the fruit and vegetable packinghouses and their needs – from eliminating waste to ensuring the highest quality of fruit and vegetables.

Here’s why our customers have come to rely on Q Eye:

Increases produce quality

Compared to a conventional optical sorter, the big advantage of Q Eye is its 3D reconstruction and non-destructive analysis technologies, based on optical scattering. Through them, Q Eye ensures tighter food quality control with fewer errors and waste. Its ultra-high-precise rotational analysis accurately evaluates fruits and vegetables, excluding multiple counting of surface defects.

Adaptable to produce and producer needs

Q Eye grows with the needs of the company. It can be adapted to the type of fresh produce to be analyzed and to every need of the fruit and vegetable chain. This is why many companies, for whom it is even more important to ensure top quality produce to the international market, have chosen to include Q Eye in their lines. From South Tyrol, with its countless varieties of apples, to Sicily, the land of citrus fruits, to Israel with its selection of top-quality exotic fruits.

Ensures significant savings

With Q Eye, you can analyze, sort, and select fruits and vegetables based on external quality, shape, color, volume, and weight criterias to deliver high-quality produce to retailers and your consumers. Integratable across multiple lines, the Q Eye intelligent sorter examines fruit and vegetables by combining electronic sensors, advanced image processing, and artificial intelligence.

Protects brand reputation and optimizes production

Q Eye can achieve these results as a single system. But by integrating it with the complete traceability solution F-Trace, the company can optimize the entire production flow and achieve maximum production efficiency across the whole line.

Sorts fruit and vegetables and recreates high-resolution 3D models

To obtain better images, Q Eye uses artificial intelligence, proprietary electronic sensors, and scatter technology – a non-destructive optical scatter-based technology that meticulously scans the surface of fruit and vegetables. Its ultra-high-speed image processing, with a resolution of up to 0.1 mm/pixel, ensures that even the smallest and most difficult external quality defects can be detected.

Simple and intuitive to use

Q Eye requires minimum calibration. It is easily integrated into any production line and has a user-friendly interface that makes its operation faster and more intuitive for the operator. Training is given when the machine is installed. In case, later on, training is needed for other operators, an extra training package on Q Eye can be added at any time.

It can be used in any industrial production line

Q Eye can be easily installed and commissioned in existing sorting lines of the fruit and vegetable industry companies. With its high sorting speed of up to 20 fruits per second per line, independence from the grader, and easy retrofit installation on existing lines, Q Eye guarantees reliable and effective sorting of your fruits and vegetables.

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